School of Chemical Engineering

Integrated Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Master of Engineering (BE(Hons)/ME)

The Integrated Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering (BE (Hons)/ME) is the first five-year engineering degree in Australia to integrate a semester industry or research placement into a degree with Master’s level course work. This unique combination in an undergraduate degree will provide graduates with world class knowledge and skills in their field of study as well as an enhanced ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams and across fields.

Chemical Engineering specialisations:

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers invent, design, and manage products and processes that transform raw materials into valuable products using the latest knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics to ensure minimum loss of materials and consumption of energy. The Integrated BE/ME in Chemical Engineering builds on the project centred curriculum in the first three years of the BE and gives students advanced skills and employment outcomes.

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Chemical & Biological Engineering involves working with processes like the design and manufacture of biomolecules, cell-based products, and tissue replication and manipulation. Students with a specialisation in this field will have a clear advantage in industrial and research positions that deal with these emerging areas.

Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Chemical & Environmental engineers are accredited chemical engineers, with additional technical skills in the areas of waste management and resource recovery, water treatment and sustainable energy systems. They have the skills and knowledge required to implement cleaner production, and to rigorously assess the long-term impacts of proposed products, processes and developments including an understanding of key global challenges, the causes of these problems and barriers to the uptake of technical solutions.

Chemical & Materials Engineering

Materials engineers apply their knowledge of materials behaviour to optimise processing and improve the properties of products. The Integrated BE/ME in Chemical & Materials Engineering builds on the project centred curriculum in the first three years of the BE to put students closer to the cutting edge of knowledge and technology in fields  important to chemical and materials research and industry.

Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering 

The Integrated BE/ME in Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering builds on the project centred curriculum in the first three years of the BE, with the final 2 years built around a placement semester to give students an advantage for employment in Australia's resources sector whilst maintaining employment options in other industries.

Integrated Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)/Master of Engineering specialisations, see Future Students

Master of Petroleum Engineering

The Master of Petroleum Engineering incorporates lectures and project work, encompassing a wide range of petroleum engineering fundamentals, pertinent to the modern petroleum industry and Australia's gas industry. Courses are applied in nature so that a graduate is technically well prepared for, and has a sound knowledge of industry. 

Master of Sustainable Energy

The Master of Sustainable Energy aims to equip the next generation of energy leaders, managers and decision makers with the skills and knowledge to address the challenges at the nexus of energy, climate change and sustainability.

As one of the few programs in the world to offer you a cross-disciplinary education with direct industry contact and practical experience, you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of energy systems, responsible business practice and contemporary energy challenges. 

Master of Engineering Science

The Master of Engineering Science (MEngSc) degree is a 3-semester (full-time enrolment at #8 per semester) program. A 1 year (2 semester) program is offered to students who have a four-year degree in the same field. Students in this program are taught by staff who are internationally recognised as leading experts in their fields, using state-of-the-art facilities. 

Master of Engineering Science (Management)

The MESc (Man) combines postgraduate studies in selected fields of engineering (Electrical; Software) or (Chemical; Civil; Materials; Mechanical; Mechatronic; within the Undeclared major). The program combines with studies in selected fields of business. For existing engineering professionals, undertaking this program will meet your professional and personal development needs in the future. 

For a full list of postgraduate engineering options, see UQ's Future Students website.