School of Chemical Engineering

Michaela Waugh, recent Chemical and Biological Engineering graduate from the University of Queensland

The School of Chemical Engineering is an international leader in the chemical engineering field and has an excellent reputation which has been built over many decades at The University of Queensland.

The School’s project-centred curriculum was recognised recently as an international exemplar of engineering education. Worldwide, UQ Chemical Engineering was ranked in the top 25 schools (QS Ranking 2016). It was also awarded the highest score for chemical engineering in Australia in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) study (2015).

Central to the School’s success are the staff, specifically the academic, research and professional staff.  They are engaged in pioneering teaching and research crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries, mindful of their role in addressing the big challenges that lie ahead. Topics range from bioengineering, nanomaterials and nanoscale science and technology, high performance materials, core chemical sciencesenergy and environment as well as waste and water resource management. The School is also a major research provider to the minerals industry through its metallurgy program. Close industry partnerships ensure this research is relevant and results in a robust balance of pure and applied research in the School. This is reflected in the School’s outstanding track record of attracting industry and Australian Research Council funding for research projects, industry chairs, and fellowships.

The School’s culture and beliefs that support learning and discovery are:

  • Safety in all activities
  • Collegiality, diversity, and inclusion
  • Excellence in all pursuits
  • Supporting and pursuing innovation
  • Industry and community relevance
  • Professional integrity

UQ Chemical Engineering has a mandate to teach Australia’s future chemical engineers. This is a mission taken very seriously by the school; many of Australia’s stated future challenges will find solutions within the discipline, and at the interdisciplinary boundaries, of chemical engineering. The school conducts undergraduate teaching in the disciplines of chemical, biological, environmental and metallurgical engineering and postgraduate programs are available in growing fields including integrated water management and energy studies.

The School of Chemical Engineering has strong links with industry and has secured a number of strategic partnerships. These collaborations provide for teaching and research programs, which are responsive to ongoing industry development.