School of Chemical Engineering


Yverick is a multi-disciplinary engineering graduate animated by a constant thirst for developing cutting-edge technologies that will improve the transportation of tomorrow. He was born in France to a dentist and an English teacher and grew-up in the French West Indies island of Martinique. In 2001, he emigrated to Canada where he received university degrees in Mechanical Engineering (B. Eng) in 2006, Applied Physics (BASc) in 2011, and Electrical Engineering (MASc) in 2014. Yverick is now pursuing research in the fundamental study of functional battery materials in Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland.

Research Project

Title: In-situ Electrochemical Characterisation of Intrinsic Properties of Functional Battery Materials

Advisors: Prof. George Zhao, Dr. Ashok Nanjundan

Brief Summary of project:

I am developing a new, practical and accessible way to characterise intrinsic properties of materials with significant impact on the electrochemical performance of a battery. Electrochemical (EC) tests are, at the same time, the closest to real-world battery operations and ones of the most practical tests to conduct. However, probing the active material chemistry of battery materials with EC testing remains under-developed, as it requires significant refinement to both the physical design of test-electrodes and theoretical understanding of the test data.

Intrinsic properties like ion diffusivity, electronic and ionic impedance are fundamental to cycle rate capability and determinant to our future ability to reliably fast-charge battery-powered devices.

Research Skills

  • Advanced electrochemical testing (Precision cyclic voltammetry and galvanostatic cycling, intermittent potential and galvanostatic titrations, and steady-state impedance spectroscopy mapping), in-situ X-ray diffraction
  • Ultra-low series-impedance laboratory-electrode designs
  • Functional nano-material synthesis

Achievement Highlights

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship recipient ($15 000) - 2012
  • WIN Nanofellowship recipient ($10 000) - 2011
  • National Science and Engineering Research Council ($8 000) - 2010

Key Publications

  1. Yverick Rangom, Shirley Tang, and Linda F. Nazar, CNT-Based Supercapacitors with Excellent ac Line Filtering and Rate Capability via Improved Interfacial Impedance, ACS Nano (2015) vol. 9, no. 7, 7248
  2. Xiao Liang, Yverick Rangom, Chun Yuen Kwok and Linda F. Nazar, Building a better sulphur host material by combining CNT and Mxene nanosheets, Adv. Mater. (2017), 29, 1603040
  3. Mayhar Mazloumi, Samaneh Shadmehr, Yverick Rangom, and Linda F. Nazar, Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Carbon Nanotube and Metal Oxide Hybrid Mesoporous Architectures, ACS Nano (2013) vol. 7, no. 5, 4281

PhD Student

Room: 445

Building: General Purpose South (78)