School of Chemical Engineering

The Water-Energy-Carbon Group conducts research on water, energy and carbon (greenhouse gases) flows through our society at various scales – technology, household, suburb, utility, industry, city, region, production systems and economy. We contribute to the design of more efficient cities and systems through metabolic analysis and benchmarking to inform policy.

We measure and model how settlements and systems consume water and energy, the inter-connections (nexus) between them, and the influence on costs, greenhouse gases (GHG) and environmental footprints. This helps us understand system efficiency and susceptibility to resource depletion in light of future pressures such as population growth and climate change. Some of our research also extends into the resource efficiency and environmental impacts of production systems, such as food supply chains and bio-production.

The group is particularly interested how water use influences energy use (and GHG) and vis versa. By studying water and energy together we can guide water and energy efficiency planning, strategy, and policy to avoid unintended burden-shifting.

The tools the group uses and builds include material flow analysis (MFA), water balance analysis, urban metabolism, environmental life cycle assessment (LCA), environmentally-extended input-output (IO) analysis, and spatially-linked data analysis (GIS).


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PhD Students
  • Ms Julie Allan
  • Ms Julijana Bors
  • Ms Reba Paul (UTS)
  • Ms Alice Strazzabosco

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Masters Students
  • Ms Shenbagameenal Surendran (MIWM student from India, Jul 2017 – Present)
  • Ms Romane Bernard (master student visiting from France, Mar – Aug 2017)
  • Mr Patrick Lamb (MIWM student, Feb – Nov 2016)
  • Mr Mahmudul (Mahmud) Haque (MIWM student from Bangladesh, Feb – June 2016)
  • Ms Suzanne King (MIWM student from the US, Feb – Jun 2015)
  • Ms Vanh Mixap (MIWM student from Laos, Feb – Jun 2015)
  • Mr Tauheed Ahmad Farooqui Sheikh (MIWM student from India, Feb – Jun 2015)
  • Mr Ineej Manandhar (visiting from Thailand, Sep – Nov 2014)