UQ RT Bauxite and
Alumina Technology Centre

Our People

The centre consists of a team of dedicated staff and students working closely with industry advisors on projects aligned with industry priorities. We are continuously developing our core capability in hydrometallurgy while collaborating with experts in complementary fields such as mineral processing and pyrometallurgy.

Name Position Contact
Dr James Vaughan Centre Director james.vaughan@uq.edu.au
Dr Hong "Marco" Peng Research Fellow h.peng2@uq.edu.au
Dr Liguang Wang Minerals Processing Expert liguang.wang@uq.edu.au
Dr Talitha Santini Senior Lecturer t.santini@uq.edu.au
William Hawker Associate Lecturer w.hawker@uq.edu.au
James Gudgeon Research Officer j.gudgeon@uq.edu.au
Valentina Urrutia Guada Laboratory Manager valentina.urrutiaguada@uq.edu.au
John Vogrin PhD Candidate j.vogrin@uq.edu.au
Dilini Seneviratne PhD Candidate d.seneviratne@uq.edu.au
Harrison Hodge PhD Candidate h.hodge@uq.edu.au
Mahendran Chokkanathan MPhil Student m.chokkanathan@uq.edu.au
Horace Ogilvie MPhil Student h.ogilvie@uq.edu.au