UQ RT Bauxite and
Alumina Technology Centre


The Centre is integrated into the UQ hydrometallurgy group, with access to a wide range of existing infra­structure, capabilities and knowledge; including laboratory and pilot scale experimental apparatus, solution and particle analysis and thermodynamic and process modelling experience.

Recent capability development includes experimental procedures for determination of mercury in Bayer solids, solutions and gas; the creation of a Bayer process thermodynamic database, image analysis software customised for oxalate and gibbsite crystals, software for advanced interpretation of automation of titrations, and the joint acquisition of the focussed beam reflectance probe which permits in-situ monitoring of changes in particle size distribution and can withstand strongly alkaline Bayer liquor to temperatures up to 90⁰C.

Another key aspect of the Centre is the close collaboration with researchers at the the Queensland Research and Development Centre, described as benchmark regarding industry-university collaboration. This results in seamless application of the research outcomes, infrastructure and knowledge sharing. Furthermore, the Centre’s activities build on the extensive research infrastructure available throughout the University, including the UQ Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis and the Australian National Nano­fabrication Facility.