UQ RT Bauxite and
Alumina Technology Centre

About Us

The UQ RT Centre is a team of dedicated staff and students working with industry advisors from Rio Tinto’s Queensland Research and Development Centre to identify and progress high value opportunities that can proceed  from  the  laboratory  to  industry. We are continuously developing our core capability in hydro­metallurgy while collaborating with experts in complementary fields such as mineral processing and pyrometallurgy.

In the current business climate, operating the alumina refinery efficiently is essential to ensure profitability. Since the Bayer process is a mature technology, easily obtained improvements have largely been made. Therefore, achieving further gains requires a deeper understanding the process fundamentals combined with carefully targeted applied development.

The centre was formally inaugurated in 2012 with the aim of providing strategic support for technical and process development, strengthening fundamental and applied research capabilities. These activities also provide educational and professional development pathways for current and future employees in the bauxite and alumina industry.