School of Chemical Engineering


Pouria holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology and a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering in the field of energy and environment from The University of Tehran, Iran. He has research and engineering experience in liquid-liquid extraction, hydrodynamic and transport phenomena in multi-phase systems, thermophysical characteristics of nanofluids, and the potential use of various computational methods to model and optimize the relative problems. Currently, Pouria is continuing his research at the University of Queensland as a PhD candidate focusing on the flow behaviour of gas-liquid-solid systems.

Research Project

Title: Investigation of the stability of three-phase foams and their lift capacity

Advisors: Prof. Victor Rudolph, Dr. Mahshid Firouzi

Brief Summary of project:

This project seeks to investigate formation of a stable gas-brine-solids foam/froth at controlled density, with preferably zero or at worst minimal additives, themselves environmentally acceptable. Moreover, it aims to evaluate the lift capacity of the foam/froth for lifting water and solids in a column under varying gas: liquid ratios and pressures. This project received industry funding through The University of Queensland’s Centre for Coal Seam Gas (UQ-CCSG).

Research Skills

  • Flow behaviour of multi-phase systems
  • Transport phenomena
  • Data analysis, modelling and optimisation

Achievement Highlights

  • UQ Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship – 2018

PhD Student

Room: 103

Building: Don Nicklin Building (74)

p: +61 7 3365 4047