School of Chemical Engineering


Chun Yong received his First Class Degree in the bachelor of chemical engineering (with honours) in the Monash University in 2015. Immediately after that, he was recruited by the same university to be the leader of a research team which specialized in the research of oil-water separation. In 2016, he came to the University of Queensland to pursue his PhD degree, after he was awarded a full scholarship by the School of Chemical Engineering. He is currently working on improving the industrial process of iron ore beneficiation.

Research Project

Title: Development of a Combined Process for Iron Ore Beneficiation: An Integration of Physical, Chemical and/or Biological Methods

Principal Advisor: Dr Liguang Wang

Brief Summary of project: 

An improvement of the current industrial processes of iron ore beneficiation (i.e. physical method) is desired, owing to the anticipated fall of the effectiveness of the processes along with the gradual exhaustion of medium-grade iron ore reserves globally. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to develop a novel process for iron ore beneficiation which combines physical, chemical and/or biological mechanisms. Hematite is targeted among all types of iron ore. It is aimed to achieve an improvement of at least 10% of the grade of iron in the post-process concentrate, from its current standing in industry which is around 45 – 53%.

Research Skills

  • Surface morphology analysis (FESEM/SEM)         
  • Surface functional group analysis (FTIR/Raman spectroscopy)
  • Surface hydrophobicity analysis (Contact angle goniometer)
  • Flotation 

Achievement Highlights

  • University of Queensland International Scholarship (UQI) – 2016
  • Research Higher Degree Scholarship – 2016
  • Best Presentation Award (Monash University) – 2015
  • Best Project Award (Monash University) – 2015
  • Entrance Scholarship (Monash University) – 2011            

PhD Student

Room: 257

Building: Frank White Annexe (44)

p: 0426526229