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Fabio graduated with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Maua Institute of Technology (Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia), Brazil. He received a Graduate Certificate in Science in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Queensland jointly with the Institute of Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt University, UK, in 2014, which ignited his desire to pursue a PhD in the energy sector. Prior to that, Fabio worked as a process engineer at WorleyParsons on projects for chemical, oil&gas and mining industries. He began his PhD at The University of Queensland in January 2015 studying gas-water relative permeability of two-phase flow in coal cleats using X-ray computed tomography scanner conducted in parallel with reservoir simulation studies.


Research Project

Title: Title: High-Pressure Measurements of Gas-Water Relative Permeability Using X-ray Computed Tomography Scanner

Advisors: Dr. Tom Rufford, Prof. Victor Rudolph and Dr. Lei Ge

Brief Summary of project:

The world is entering a “gold age of gas”, with the exploitation of unconventional resources expected to transform gas market around the world. Improvements in technology and methodology for coal seam gas (CSG) evaluation has been made through adaptions of those already in use for conventional reservoirs. However, some models on predicting relative permeability from those for sandstones reservoirs seems to be too simplistic for CSG. Unlike conventional reservoirs, coal acts as the source, trap and reservoir. This project aims to produce a more realistic relative permeability model for CSG reservoirs, which considers key characteristics that affect two-phase flow such as coal chemistry, the minerals present, the surface morphology of the cleat, cleat connectivity and reservoir pressure conditions.

Research Skills

  • Swagelok certified
  • Xradia XRM-500 Computed Tomography scanner – Advanced user

PhD Student

Room: 102

Building: Don Nicklin Building (74)

p: 0420 372 645