School of Chemical Engineering


Elliot is a PhD Candidate and Research Assistant attached to the School of Chemical Engineering and the Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre (FFCRC). The centre aims to advance the decarbonisation of Australia's energy systems in response to climate change while ensuring the green energy transition proceeds as fairly and as safely as possible for all members of the community. His contribution to this field stems from previous work studying stakeholder discourses in Victoria's Coal Seam Gas (CSG) debate and how the public view the interconnected relationship between food, water and energy security. After graduating with Honours (Class I), he has worked across the School of Social Science and the School of Political Science and International Studies focusing on equitable policy outcomes.

The purpose of his thesis is to explore the role of deliberative democracy in public perception and attitude formation towards hydrogen energy and other future fuels. How members of the public deliberate about the future of Australia's clean energy security and how these processes foster a social license through procedural and distributive justice are central themes to his research. More broadly, he is interested in all matters surrounding the environment, climate change, resource security and management, public policy, governance, sustainable livelihoods, community engagement and the sociology of technology.


PhD Student

Building: Don Nicklin Building (74)