School of Chemical Engineering

Advisory Board

Advisory Board Member Title and Affiliation
Professor Deborah Terry AO (Chair) Vice-Chancellor and President, UQ
Ms Karen Dobson Managing Director, Dow Australia and New Zealand, Dow
Dr Weiguang Yao Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific R&D; Global Director, New Ventures for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Dow
Mr Noel Williams Specialist Manufacturing Advisor, UQ Alumni Representative
Professor Vicki Chen Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, UQ
Professor Alan Rowan Director, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, UQ
Professor Justin Cooper-White Head of School, School of Chemical Engineering, UQ


Team Member Position
Associate Professor Simon Smart Centre Director
Professor Lianzhou Wang Professor
Professor Stephen Wilson Professor
Professor Peter Halley Professor
Associate Professor Bronwyn Laycock Associate Professor
Dr Muxina Konarova Affiliate Academic
Dr Mahshid Firouzi Affiliate Academic
Dr Jingwei Hou Affiliate Academic
Ms Kirsty Fraser Centre Manager
Dr Belinda Wade Lecturer
Dr Jake Whitehead Tritium Fellow in Electro-Mobility
Dr Jannie Grove Research Project Manager
Mr Lachlan Webb Research Assistant
Mr Liam Darby Research Assistant
Dr Luigi Vandi Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ms Meagan Wheeler Program Coordinator (Transform Program, Fight Food Waste CRC)
Dr Miaoqiang Lyu Advance Queensland Fellow
Ms Mojgan Tabatabaei Zavareh Techno-economic Analyst
Dr Paul Luckman Transform Program Manager
Dr Saphira Rekker Lecturer
Dr Sicong Tian Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Torsten Witt Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Yuxiang Hu Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Current PhD Students

Student Project Name
Mr Alister Sheil Production of near-zero CO₂ hydrogen and fuels from natural gas through methane pyrolysis
Mr Benoit Clement Development of future generation rechargeable flexible energy storage
Mr Mark Hodgson A global transition to low carbon economy - limits of possibility?
Dr Tongen Lin Nano-materials for electrochemical energy storage
Ms Romy Listo Power to empower? Exploring the role of energy in women’s organising and empowerment in rural India
Mrs Sara Zeinal Zadeh Taking Solar Power to Commercial Competitiveness in Australia: Optimum Strategy to Minimise Public Subsidy
Mr Gabriel Rioseco Electricity Modelling in Computational General Equilibrium Models under high Variable Renewable Energy Scenarios

Recent HDR Conferrals

Student Project Name
Mr Clement Chan Development of bio-derived and biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanaote (PHA)-based wood plastic composites (PhD)
Mr Yuxiang Hu Development of Novel Electrode Materials for Next Generation Rechargeable Batteries (PhD)
Ms Franziska Curran Informing energy projects in developing countries by leveraging lessons learnt from the water sector (PhD)
Ms Pawarisa Luangthongkam Biosynthesis of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) in Methane-utilizing Mixed Cultures (PhD)
Mr Amir Nemati Hayati Renewable textiles and foams reinforced with nanocellulose (PhD)
Mr Jingwen Zhu The Study of 2D MXene Anode Materials for High Performance Sodium Ion Batteries (PhD)
Ms Gloria Bravo Engineering models of permeation in mixed-matrix membranes (PhD)
Ms Piyali Chakraborty Mechanistic insights into the texture/mouthfeel perceptions of model beverages (PhD)
Mr Dongxu He Compositional Engineering for Efficient and Stable All-perovskite Tandem Solar Cells (MPhil)
Mr Nghia Khang Tran Extraction, Characterisation and Properties of protein from by-product of rice milling (PhD)
Mr Manh Tuan Vu Mixed matrix membranes for H₂/CO₂ separation (PhD)
Ms Lourdes Urban Alandete Lipid degradation during grain storage: markers, mechanisms and shelf-life extension treatments (PhD)
Mr Songcan Wang Facet and defect engineering of metal oxide photoanodes for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting  (PhD)
Mr Johannes Grove Energy transitions in developing countries and the role of alternative liquid fuels in reducing energy poverty (PhD)
Mr Matthew Herington Positive Deviance: understanding the generative mechanisms for social change and the alleviation of energy poverty (PhD)
Mr Anthony Heynen Private sector electrification in base of the pyramid marketplaces in India:opportunities for energy and business to create shared value  (PhD)
Mr Andrew Pascale The links between energy and human welfare (PhD)
Ms Beatriz Reutter Susaeta The environmental opportunities and consequences of reducing food waste (PhD)
Mr Yuwan Malakar Social constructs of energy poverty and the resulting capability deprivations in rural India (PhD)

Vacancies for the UQ Dow Centre will be advertised through the UQ Jobs website. If interested in undertaking a graduate course or honours project with a researcher from the UQ Dow Centre, please contact the relevant researcher by email.