School of Chemical Engineering

From day one, you’ll gain hands-on experience in all aspects of engineering thanks to our amazing first-year Demo Week! Make new friends instantly on practical projects where you’ll design and build things like autonomous watercraft, bridges and fully-functional mining equipment, while tackling important global issues like water recycling in Zambia and global warming. This is just the start, too - before you've graduated you'll know exactly what it means to be an engineer, having completed a range of practical courses, attending field trips, completing internships and projects.

University isn’t just about hitting the books – we have a huge range of extra-curricular activities to make sure you have the best fun at uni, while getting a world-class degree. Check a few of them out: UQ abroad exchanges, student societies, UQ Racing, UQ Idea Hub, a huge range of events, including networking events, mentors and many more! Of course, UQ also offers on-campus living options for students who would like to be fully immersed in the uni life.

There are so many jobs out there for engineering and technology graduates, so get set to future-proof your career!

UQ offers the largest range of engineering specialisations of any Queensland university and has heaps of opportunities to get out of the classroom and experience life as an engineer first-hand. Check out our options for majors, including the chemical and environmental major, our electrical and biomedical major, or our civil and geotechnical major for a taste of what you can study. 

We've been ranked as 'world class or above' in all of our engineering disciplines (2015 ERA assessment), and our environmental engineering subjects were ranked 6th best in the world and the best in Australia (2017 CWUR rankings).

The beautiful UQ campus offers the best facilities in town, with the famous Forgan Smith sandstone building, the Lakes, the Great Court and our purpose-built Advanced Engineering Building will make you feel like you're always at the heart of the action in your field. Our specialist facilities also include a drone lab, virtual-reality immersive learning room, hypersonic shock super-speed tunnels, a race car workshop and a fire lab.

We're really well connected with industry, so we know what skills they want our graduates to have and what kinds of research will benefit the community. For example, Boeing just moved their Brisbane research and development HQ on to campus, and our internship partners IBM and Google offer a number of paid internship opportunities to students each year.

We have a mountain of scholarships to offer students, thanks to our generous donors, so there's nothing that can hold you back from your engineering or tech dreams! Find out more about these here

We’re on social media! Find out more about the awesome stuff our students get to do by finding us on Facebook @UQEngTech, Instagram @UQEngineeringTech and on Twitter @UQEAIT.