School of Chemical Engineering

Your Mid-Candidature Review should take place 10-12 months (PhD) or 5-6 months (MPhil) after your Confirmation (or the part-time equivalent). If there are valid reasons why more time is required, an application needs to be made to the Graduate School (via the Postgraduate Coordinator) for an extension.

Graduate School forms can be found on the UQ Graduate School website.


The milestone committee should ideally consist of the same people as the confirmation milestone committee. If changes are unavoidable, the same guidelines for confirmation committee formation are to be followed.


Two weeks before the review, you should submit the following to the committee via their principal advisor and the Postgraduate Administrative Officer:

  • A two-page statement addressing the recommended achievements as set out at the confirmation milestone or, if the project direction has changed, justification of this and a description of work that has been achieved since the confirmation milestone
  • One or more papers that have been (or will shortly be) submitted to a peer-reviewed journal.
  • A list of conferences attended and presentations made (including talks to local discipline groups) with presentation abstracts appended
  • Future plans for papers, presentations and/or conferences
  • A draft thesis chapter outline and summary of plans for the completion of the thesis work
  • Evidence of a conference presentation or school-based seminar given since the previous milestone, and of feedback received by the student about their performance (if necessary the student should organise to give a seminar at which the milestone committee is present)


You will be interviewed by the review committee, during which you must be able to demonstrate the expectations established at your confirmation. You should aim to be able to answer questions confidently, showing an advanced understanding of the problem at hand. The committee will also discuss with you targets to be achieved by the next milestone and any resources that are needed. It is expected that this will take up to one hour. Verbal feedback will also be given.

The committee will complete a milestone evaluation document and return it to the Postgraduate Administrative Officer, of which you will receive a copy. This document provides constructive feedback on your progress and a list of specific achievements to be met by the next milestone.

A Graduate School ‘milestone achieved’ form should be completed by the principle advisor and signed by the student and Postgraduate Coordinator for forwarding to the Graduate School.