School of Chemical Engineering


After finishing a Master’s Degree in Material science, she spend 6 months working as a Quality engineer in Paris, while waiting for her Australian working visa to join the CRC for Polymer. Since 2007, she is working at UQ, with the CRC for Polymer, on developing sustainable plastic films for agriculture. She started her PhD part time in November 2012.  

Research Project

Title:    Soil effects on degradation of Oxo degradable PE blown films.

Advisors:    Prof Peter Halley, A/Prof Rowan Truss and Dr Bronwyn Laycock

Brief Summary of project:     In some applications, such as agricultural crop propagation and litter minimization, it is necessary to predict the rate of degradation of oxo-degradable films when in contact with soil while exposed to UV radiation and heat. Artificial aging equipment is used to degrade films in a short period of time, some assumptions have to be made and some factors of the natural aging have to be excluded.

This study focuses on the assessment and understanding of the mechanism of natural and artificial aging of oxo-degradable polyethylene thin films containing pro-degradant when in contact with a range of Australian soil types.

Research Skills

  • Polymer degradation and aging
  • Polymer characterisation

Key Publications

Correlation between chain microstructural changes and embrittlement of LLDPE-based films during photo- and thermo-oxidative degradation; Gauthier, E., Laycock, B., Cuoq, F.J.J.-M., Halley, P.J., George, K.A. (2013, Polymer Degradation and Stability 98 (1) , pp. 425-435)

Antagonism between transition metal pro-oxidants in polyethylene films;   Nikolic, M., Gauthier, E., George, K., Cash, G., De Jonge, M.D., Howard, D.L., Paterson, D., Laycock, B., Halley, P.J., George, G. (2012, Polymer Degradation and Stability 97 (7) , pp. 1178-1188)

PhD Student

Room: 340

Building: Don Nicklin Building (74)

p: +61 7 3365 3931